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The Role of the Congolese Government in Discriminating Part of its Population (Version Française)

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Members of the Banyamulenge community have repeatedly been begging their government to protect them with no success. Why?

Source: Pixabay

What is the role of the Congolese government in discriminating part of its population? The highlands of Uvira, Fizi, and Mwenga territories have been experiencing a recent political crisis for over three years, where hundreds of villages of the Banyamulenge community have been completely destroyed. Hundreds of Banyamulenge civilians have been killed. Over 130,000 of their cattle have been looted. The perpetrators of these acts of genocide is the coalition of Babembe, Bafuliru, Banyindu, and foreign armed groups operating in this region, including Red-Tabara, FOREBU, and FNL from Burundi. Several sources indicate that the Congolese military in the area has actively assisted these fighters to exterminate the Banyamulenge community.

Members of the Banyamulenge community have decided not to allow their extermination, which is why they have formed a self-defense group called Twirwaneho, which means, "Let's defend ourselves." During the course of over three years of this macabre plan against Banyamulenge, the Congolese government has remained silent. However, after a counterattack by Twirwaneho against Mai Mai fighters in Kipupu, the government heavily reacted and produced this official document.

Me Oscar Niyongabo Buzi analyzed the Congolese government reaction. Find the French version of the analysis here. The English version can be accessed by clicking here.

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